DARIAH-DE Datasheet Editor Datasheet Editor

Use the Datasheet Editor to prepare and setup your data to be visualized within the DARIAH-DE Geo-Browser. Create a new datasheet and add your data using copy'n'paste from Excel, Calc, and Numbers or Import a local CSV file from your drive. Then extract geocoordinates from your place names, and share datasets with the world. You data will be stored in the DARIAH-DE Storage and will only be available to everyone if explicitly shared by you.

Geolocation completion running  

Place selection   Geolocation completion running

The coordinates for the first place found in the TGN are automatically added to the sheet, you may have to adjust the places below!

  sets all places in the sheet with the highlighted address to the coordinates of the chosen place.
  shows the chosen place in the Map selection and allows you to correct and refine coordinates or set unrecognized places.

Map selection

GettyID / Longitude / Latitude

Map search

Search the Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names, OpenStreetMap, or GeoNames to fill your map selection:

Manage your data



Add geocoordinates

Geocoordinates for places from the Address field can be added with the Getty Thesaurus Service.

Open with Geo-Browser

Your dataset will be validated and sent to the Geo-Browser.