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Create or import your data

You have no dataset selected yet! Eeither create a new datasheet or import a local CSV file from your harddisk. Creating a new sheet will allow you to fill out the table and enables you to copy'n'paste your data from Excel or Calc.

Your dataset will be saved to the DARIAH-DE OwnStorage and will only be available to you at first for reading, editing, and deleting.

Sharing and unsharing the data with others is possible using the Share/Unshare dataset on the right.

  or import a local CSV file  

Place selection

The coordinates automatically added are for the most probable place, you may have to adjust the places below!

sets all places with this name to the choosen coordinates.

lets you look up or correct coordinates or set unrecognized places in the map selection.

Map selection

Longitude / Latitude

Manage your data



 Download dataset

Add geocoordinates

Geocoordinates for places can be added with the DARIAH-DE Getty Thesaurus Service.

Open with Geo-Browser

Your dataset will be validated and loaded into the DARIAH-DE Geo-Browser.